Lilac Peril is excited to announce that we are accepting submissions for our first compilation:

An Anti-Taxonomy of Transness in the DC Area#


Categories are rarely liberatory. Our attempts at sensemaking, at ordering a disordered world, can create rigid, painful borders. Trans people know this deeply, down to our cells. Every interaction with psychiatry, medicine, law enforcement, and other bureaucratic structures sort us into classifications we often do not choose for ourselves. What would it look like to organize knowledge on our own terms? In creating an anti-taxonomy, we seek to intentionally dis-organize, to playfully disrupt, and to celebrate our own contradictions.

Please submit your prose, poetry, essays, or your ramblings. Please send us your visual art. We want to know about any object, interaction, person, or space (real or imaginary; positive or negative) that has made you feel embodied in your transness.

This work will also serve as an experiment in community-driven publication. Submitters should be aware that community members will be directly involved in the process of curating the collection, and may be involved themselves if they choose.


  • Send submissions to Please attach submissions rather than pasting them in the body of the email.

  • Writing: 300 words or less, double spaced, submitted as a Word doc or PDF. We are happy to have works beyond 300 words, but please contact us to see what can fit.

  • Visual art: We are interested in any printable visual art, including, but not limited to, photography, drawings, collages, etc. Please submit as a PDF or common image format (jpg, png, tiff, svg).

  • Submit as many written or visual art pieces as you wish, but be aware that each will be considered a separate submission and might not appear together. If you have multiple works that should accompany one another, please get in touch.

  • Along with your submissions, please include your name as you would like for it to appear, as well as a two to three sentence bio. Pronouns are not required, but we are happy to include them.

  • We are unable to pay contributors at this time but hope to do so in the future. All contributors will receive copies of the finished publication.

  • All rights remain with the author or artist before and after publication. Please feel free to submit simultaneously, but let us know if your work appears elsewhere.

  • Submissions will be accepted between August 23rd and September 27th.

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